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New Yorkers React To New CDC Mask Guidance

LEYLA DOSS, HOST: The CDC announced this afternoon that fully vaccinated people do not need to wear a mask – indoors or outdoors.

There are some exceptions, including public transportation, nursing homes, and homeless shelters.

Katie Anastas hit the streets to ask New Yorkers: what are they most looking forward to doing mask free?

KATIE ANASTAS, BYLINE: Christy Delicio was sitting at a restaurant patio when she heard the news.

CHRISTY DELICIO: I already feel like life is changing. Ever since the vaccine I’ve felt like things are moving in a positive way.

ANASTAS: Delicio said she’s most excited about live entertainment.

DELICIO: I really like jazz music. So any concert or festival, I’m there.

ANASTAS: But not everyone was ready to get back into big crowds. Some will start smaller. Bill Schrader said he’s looking forward to visiting friends at home again.

SCHRADER: Hanging out in somebody’s house, you’re sitting on the couch, you’re talking, laughing, singing, whatever.

ANASTAS: Musician Alexei Glick said he hopes to perform live again. In the meantime...

GLICK: I’m just looking forward to, like, honestly, being in a bar, drunk and hugging my friends.

ANASTAS: Only a third of Americans have been fully vaccinated so far. Experts hope the new guidelines will motivate people to get their shots. Katie Anastas, Columbia Radio News.

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