About Us

Reporting New York.

Uptown Radio is a one-hour, weekly news magazine and podcast modeled after NPR’s All Things Considered. It is produced entirely by the students of the Radio Workshop, the most advanced audio course at the Columbia Journalism School. Uptown Radio is the school’s longest-running continuous webcast, having been webcast live each Friday at 4pm from February through May since 1996. Uptown Radio contains original feature reports as well as interviews and newscasts in service of the listeners in New York City and the world beyond.

With 13 reporters covering the city, national and international beats, Uptown Radio offers original journalism and high quality radio production comparable to that heard on the best public radio stations. The Uptown Radio newsroom is directed by a team of award-winning journalists and adjunct professors: Tracy Samuelson, story editor at Stitcher, Sally Herships, freelance reporter and director of the radio program, and Ben Shapiro, contributing editor at Radio Diaries.  Additional reporting and production supervision is provided by adjunct instructor Camille Peterson.

For information about Columbia’s radio program, email Sally Herships at swh2123@columbia.edu.